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Scope of Activities

img2.jpg(43 kb) Designing and Engineering - designing activities mostly in the field of

  • design HV and EHV overhead and transmission lines
  • electrical installations of technology equipment
  • reconstruction overhead and transmission lines
  • optoelectronical networks
  • stress calculations for steel structures


  • collecting maps and plans
  • identifying impacted property owners
  • negotiations with property owners
  • right-of-way negotiations
  • securing building permits
  • identification of existing cable- lines and pipelines
  • negotiations with authorities, gov. and non-governmental institutions
  • negative impacts calculations

    Geodetic works

  • route alignments
  • topographic and altimetric surveying
  • surveying within a grid, co-ordinate system
  • geodetic registration of completed structures

    Geological survey

  • geological assessment and evaluation, designing, consulting in geotechnics

    Stress calculations

  • stress calculations by applying the FIN software
  • designing new steel structures (based on the above calculations) according to Czech and EC norms (Eurocode)
  • assessment of existing steel structures and proposal for their rehabilitation
  • foundation of steel structures

    Economic calculations

  • cost assessments
  • cost evaluations
  • scheduling

    The company provides documentation for all design stages (from study up to detailed design) and site supervision as well. All outputs and deliverables are being prepared in digital form.